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ABM-4S Concrete Block Machine Was Exported To Tanzania

Congratulations ABM-4S concrete block machine was sent to Tanzania, here are some pictures about loading. And in this page, I will show you the characteristics of the machine so that you will have a better understanding about it. Brick Size(L*W*H) Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr paving blocks 200*100*60 18-23s 2504-3200 interlocking bricks 200*160*60 18-23s 1565-2000 hollow bricks … Read more

semi automatic cement block machine to Honduras

Transport ABM-3S Semi Automatic Cement Block Machine To Honduras

Congratulations ABM-3S semi automatic cement block machine was going to Honduras, this type machine is equipped with a small concrete mixer, so it is not as much as efficient than ABM-3S automatic block machine. But it is also very suitable for the production of road tiles, pavement tiles, square tiles, and replacement of molds to … Read more


ABM-3S Automatic Block Machine In Bangladesh

Good news! Some time ago, ABM-3S automatic brick machine sent to Bangladesh has reached its destination and put into normal use. Here is a feedback video from Bangladesh. You can check below. Configurations of ABM-3S AIMIX ABM-3S automatic block manufacturing machine consists of concrete batching machine, belt conveyor, concrete pan mixer, stacker, mould, stacker, pallet … Read more

ABM-4S concrete block machine to Jamaica

ABM-4S Concrete Block Machine Was Sent To Jamaica

Good news! ABM-4S concrete block making machine was ready to Jamaica! It is the most popular type among all of block making machines. Under the efficient of effect of each component, our machine can produce concrete blocks efficiently. In addition, if you want to get different shapes of blocks, you can buy different moulds, chaging … Read more

concrete batching machine for concrete block machine

ABM-4S Concrete Brick Machine Was Going To Malaysia

Congratulations ABM-4S concrete brick machine was ready to Malaysia! When our salesman went to the factory, he monitored the painting, test run and load. The followings are some pictures taken when loading for your reference. ABM-4S concrete brick making machine is always a popular type among customers. As far as I know, if we export … Read more

ABM-8S automatic brick machine Pakistan

Installation Of ABM-8S Automatic Block Machine In Pakistan

Congratulations ABM-8S automatic block machine in Pakistan has been installed successfully. And our after-sales engineer made a video that you can watch. This is a complete brick production line. As we can see from the video, there are twin shaft concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, cement silo and other auxiliary equipment. ABM-8S automatic block making … Read more

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ABM-4SE Cement Brick Machine Was Going To Bangladesh

Good news! Our ABM-4SE semi automatic cement brick machine was going to Bangladesh. Our client planned to start a small-scale brick production. So our salesman recommended small type ABM-4SE, it is low-cost and quick returns. As you can see from the pictures, when the machine didn’t be painted, we have tested run it, and produce … Read more

ABM-4SE block making machine

ABM-4SE Automatic Block Machine Was Going To Bangladesh

Congratulations ABM-4SE automatic block making machine was ready to Bangladesh. Our client bought this machine for his house. He is a new starter in brick production. So we recommended him this small type block machine, which has low cost but high performance. Now, let’s learn more about characteristics of AIMIX ABM-4SE block making machine Characteristics … Read more

semi automatic brick machine

ABM-4C2 Semi Automatic Brick Machine Was Going To Nigeria

Congratulations ABM-4C2 semi automatic brick making machine was on the way to Nigeria. This is semi automatic type machine, and it is equipped with semi automatic control system. Meanwhile, because of small volume and capacity, it is equipped with a concrete pan mixer. Our customer bought this machine to produce bricks for his house building … Read more

ABM-4S hollow block machine Philippines

ABM-4S Hollow Block Maker Machine Was Going To Philippines

Congratulations ABM-4S hollow block machine was ready to Philippines! Now, let’s learn more about this machine. Why Aimix ABM-4S is popular 1. Compared to ABM-3S and ABM-4SE, it is more efficient. More bricks can be produced in the same time, and samely, its volume is not as large as ABM-12S. So it is ideal for … Read more