ABM-4C2 Semi Automatic Brick Machine Was Going To Nigeria

Congratulations ABM-4C2 semi automatic brick making machine was on the way to Nigeria. This is semi automatic type machine, and it is equipped with semi automatic control system. Meanwhile, because of small volume and capacity, it is equipped with a concrete pan mixer. Our customer bought this machine to produce bricks for his house building project.

Advantages of ABM-4C2

The ABM-4C2 double-column, double-pressure semi-automatic brick making machine is an automatic product developed by drawing on the advantages of foreign counterparts in mechanical technology and domestic small and medium-sized non-fired brick machines, and based on the promotion and application of new wall materials. This machine adopts the combination of the bottom mold Ding Xiaozheng and the upper mold pressure vibration to make the product molding fast, high density and uniform strength. So the machine has characteristics of reasonable design, manual feeding, simple operation, labor saving, and quick turn speed. Compared with the other semi automatic block producing machine, it can save 1-2 people and reduce labor intensity.


Configuration: 1 host, 1 concrete mixer, 1 set of distribution box, 1 6-meter conveyor belt, 2 manpower trolleys

tool box
nameplate of brick machine
semi automatic brick machine
brick making machine to Nigeria

ABM-4C2 brick machine
ABM-4C2 brick machine

Dimension of host machine: 1850x11880x2240
Host machine power: 22kw
Weight of host machine: 1.56t
Vibration force: 35.5KN
Molding period: 24s
Mixer model: JQ350
Voltage: Adopt to local voltage
Pallet size: 850x550x25mm
workshop area: 160m2

semi auto brick machine
mould of brick machine
brick machine Nigeria

If you want to start a big project, you can choose ABM-3S, ABM-4S, ABM=6S, ABM-8S, ABM-10S and ABM-12S.

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