Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Belt type concrete batching plant is large capacity concrete production equipment, it is usually used for large-scale commercial concrete production projects.

AJ-120 belt conveyor type concrete batching plant
AJ-120 belt conveyor type concrete batching plant

If you want to sell concrete for your local projects, or you want to build a long-term project, such as road repair, urban road construction, factory project, wharf project, water engineering, etc, belt concrete batching plant will be your ideal choice.

How many types of conveyor concrete batch plants AIMIX can supply?

AIMIX can supply users with four types of batching plants: AJ-60, AJ-90, AJ-120, and even AJ-180. Their production output is 60m3 cubic meters, 90 cubic meters, 120 cubic meters, and 180 cubic meters. You can choose the right capacity according to your project.

What about the AJ-60 belt conveyor type concrete batching plant?

The investment price of the AJ-60 belt conveyor concrete mixing plant is lower than that of the large mixing plant, and its production capacity is stronger than that of the small concrete batching plant. The user is satisfied with the equipment. It is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized customers.

Wet type belt type concrete batching plant

AJ-60 concrete batch plant in the Philippines
AJ-60 wet concrete batch plant in the Philippines

Dry type belt type concrete batching plant

AJG-60 dry type belt concrete batching plant
AJG-60 dry type belt concrete batching plant

Advantages of AJ-60 belt conveyor concrete batch plant

1. AJ-60 stationary concrete batch plant has features of modular structure, quick installation, and convenient transportation. With a variety of layout forms, it can adapt to the requirements of different venues.

2. The mixing machine adopts the JS1000 twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, which has characteristics of good mixing quality and high productivity. It can complete a good mixing of dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic, and various proportions of concrete within an ideal time.

JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer

twin shaft concrete mixer JS1000
twin-shaft paddle mixer
JS1000 twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer

3. All metering components and control components of the metering unit are imported and controlled by a microcomputer to ensure accurate measurement and stable performance. We use load cells to achieve precise weighing and ensure the quality of concrete.

4. All powder materials, from loading, batching, metering, feeding to mixing and discharging, are carried out in a closed state. High-quality dust collectors are used in the main mixer, and the packaging of the main mixer and belt conveyor is closed, which greatly reduces the environmental pollution caused by dust and noise, and realizes good environmental performance.

5. The whole conveyor concrete batch plant adopts a computer control system and dynamic panel display, which can clearly understand the operation of each part. The intuitive monitoring interface can clearly and accurately observe the on-site work process.

belt conveyor type concrete batching plants

What are the configurations of the AJ-60 belt type concrete batching plant?

Materials storing system-cement silos

Cement silo is an enclosed silo for storage of cement, fly as, and other types of powder. The tank body of the cement storage silo is equipped with a material level system, which can display the position of the material, and the arch breaking device can relieve the agglomeration caused by material deposition. The combination of cement tank and screw conveyor can transport materials to various locations. The silo is easy to install and reliable in performance. It is an ideal match for various mixing plants. We can supply you with different types of storage silos: horizontal cement silo welded type cement silo and bolted type cement silo.

cement silo factory in Pakistan
cement silo factory in Pakistan
Materials conveying system-screw conveyor and belt conveyor

The materials conveying systems are two types: aggregate conveying and powder conveying. Aggregate conveying is through a belt conveyor, and powder conveying is through the screw conveyor.

Screw conveyor

AJ-60 belt conveyor stationary concrete batching plant adopts LSY type screw conveyor, which is designed and manufactured in accordance with high standard. When the screw shaft rotates, the gravity of the material and the friction force generated by the tank wall make the material in The blade moves forward under the push of the blade.

screw conveyor
screw conveyor
belt conveyor
belt conveyor

Belt conveyor

It is mainly composed of two end rollers and a closed conveyor belt tightly sleeved on them. The driving roller is driven by a motor through a reducer, and the conveyor belt is dragged by the friction between the driving roller and the conveyor belt.

Control System

The whole AJ-60 belt type concrete batching plant adopts industrial computer control, which can be controlled automatically. Also, we can equip it with a manual control method. The operation is simple and easy to master. Dynamic panel display can clearly understand the operation of each component and can store and print report data at the same time.

electric control system
electric control system
control system
control system
control room of AJ-60 concrete plant
control room


AIMIX AJ-60 belt conveyor type concrete batching plant has features of high-precision imported sensors, accurate weighing, and quick response.

Pneumatic butterfly valve

The sealing is tight, the action is reliable, the structure is simple, the volume is small, the weight is light, and the cost performance is high.

Pneumatic system

The pneumatic system is the execution device of the AJ-60 ready mix concrete plant. Its function is to open and close the aggregate bins, the mixer discharge door, and the cement scale discharge door in time according to the instructions issued by the industrial microcomputer. The additives are blown and stirred to ensure the accurate measurement of various aggregates, cement, and additives, and to complete the loading task of the finished materials.

AJ-60 concrete batching plant in Sri Lanka

AJ-60 concrete plant Sri Lanka
AJ-60 batching plant Sri Lanka
install AJ-60 concrete batching plant in Sri-Lanka

Things you need to know when purchasing AJ-60 belt conveyor type concrete batching plant

1. How many cubic meters of concrete can the AJ-60 belt feeding concrete batching plant produce per hour?

Answer: According to theoretical calculations, the output per hour of the AJ-60 belt type concrete batching plant is 60 cubic meters. In actual production, due to external factors and the different labels of the mixed concrete, there will be a certain gap between the theoretical output and the actual output. The actual output is about 45 cubic meters. So if your concrete plant can’t produce 60 m3 concrete, please don’t worry.

2. What is the floor space of AJ-60 concrete mixing equipment?

Answer: If the equipment is placed in an L-shaped layout, the floor area (length*width): 43 meters *16 meters.

3. How big a transformer is needed for the AJ-60 belt conveyor type concrete mixing plant?

Answer: In addition to the electricity used for the concrete batching mixing equipment, plus other power-consuming equipment, it is recommended that the customer build a transformer not less than 150KW.

How about AJ-90 belt conveyor type concrete batch plant?

AJ-90 belt type concrete batching plant is a large type, it can efficiently produce a quality concrete mixture. It can be equipped with JS series twin shaft concrete mixer, also can be equipped with planetary concrete mixer, pan concrete mixer, SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer, etc. It depends on the quality of concrete you need.

Install AJ-90 batching plant in Uzbekistan
AJ-90 concrete plant Uzbekistan

aggregate batching machine in batching plant
AJ-90 batching plant in Uz
AJ-90 concrete batching plant UZ

What are the components of the AJ-90 belt type concrete batching plant?

1. Mixing system. The mixing system of the AJ-90 concrete batching plant is comprised of an electric motor, belt conveyor, reducer, mixing drum, mixing device, transmission system, oil supply system.

The mixing machine uses JS series twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, which is suitable for various types of concrete with aggregate particle size less than or equal to 100mm.

2. Measuring system. The 90m3 belt conveyor concrete mixing station adopts the weighing system of the PL2400 concrete batching machine, which is composed of a storage hopper, a weighing hopper, and a transportation mechanism. The powder, water, and admixture weighing systems are composed of weighing hoppers and sensors, etc., and the weighing control is completed by the control system.

welded cement silo
welded cement silo
horizontal cement silos
horizontal cement silos
twin shaft concrete mixer machine
twin shaft concrete mixer machine
control room of batch plant
control room
aggregate batching equipment
aggregate batching machine
control panel in the concrete mix plant
control panel

3. Materials supply system. This part consists of a feeding device and weighing system, it can batch four kinds of aggregate. As for the power supply system, it consists of a cement storage silo and screw conveyor. Cement or fly ash will enter the cement weighing system through the screw conveyor.

4. Electrical control system. The electrical control system of the 90 cubic meter concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of a console and AC contactor as the core of strong current control. The complete system is installed in the control room, which can complete the automatic and semi-automatic control of the whole production process of batching, lifting, mixing, and unloading.

What are the advantages of investing in AJ-90 belt conveyor type concrete batching plant

Under the premise of ensuring engineering efficiency, this series of AJ-90 concrete mixing plants have characteristics of cost-saving, high reliability, modular structure design, which makes the installation and demolition more convenient, safe, comfortable, and reliable to operate, product mixing effect is good, and production efficiency is high. The system is safe, reliable, and easy to maintain.

AJ-90 automatic concrete batching plant is a kind of concrete mixing equipment with a wide range of applications. It is suitable for the production of large quantities of concrete such as roads, airports, ports, hydropower and other large projects and precast components, commercial concrete, etc., and is widely used in various engineering constructions. middle.

AJ-90 batching plant installed in Indonesia

AJ-90 batching plant in Indonesia
AJ-90 batching plant Indonesia
AJ-90 batching plant from Indonesia


In addition to hot types of belt conveyor concrete batching plants: AJ-60 and AJ-90, if you need, we also can supply you with a larger capacity of concrete batching plants, such as AJ-120, AJ-180, even AJ-240. We will try our best to meet your requirement.

As one of the most reliable belt conveyor concrete batching plant suppliers in China, we not only can provide you with the best quality concrete batching plant, but also the best service.

We are located in China, but we have offices in Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, and Uzbekistan. We have exported our concrete batching plant conveyor belt to more than 100 countries. If you want to get more details about the past cases, you can visit the case page.

In addition, we also can supply you with some related products, such as concrete trailer pumps, concrete mixer pumps, self-loading concrete mixer trucks, concrete transit mixers, block-making machines, etc. If you are interested, leave your message on our website. In addition, we also sell small concrete batch plants, which are AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50, they are hopper type batching plants, if you have small projects to do, you can take this type of concrete batching plant into consideration. Also you can learn more products video from our youtube. Thanks for reading.

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