Transport ABM-3S Semi Automatic Cement Block Machine To Honduras

Congratulations ABM-3S semi automatic cement block machine was going to Honduras, this type machine is equipped with a small concrete mixer, so it is not as much as efficient than ABM-3S automatic block machine. But it is also very suitable for the production of road tiles, pavement tiles, square tiles, and replacement of molds to produce cement standard tiles, hollow blocks, etc. The machine adopts full hydraulic transmission, twice feeding (concrete base layer and colored surface layer). To achieve the organic combination of compression and vibration, product height and density dual control function. It has the advantages of small size, large excitation force, simple operation, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, etc. It is an economical, advanced and advanced new brick making machine. If you want to start a small brick business, it will be your ideal choice.

transport cement block machine to Honduras
AIMIX cement block machine to Honduras
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ABM-3S cement block machine
ABM-3S semi automatic cement block machine
semi automatic cement block machine
shipment of ABM-3S cement block machine Honduras

Because small volume, it has different configuration with other automatic block machines. You can check below. Because specifications are very important for you to choose a right machine.
semi automatic cement block machine to Honduras

Configurations of ABM-3S

JQ400 concrete mixer:
Input capacity: 650L;
Output capacity: 400L;
Dimension(mm): Diameter*1500mm; Height*1300mm; Side thickness: 8mm;
Power: 7.5KW;
Weight: 750kg

Hydraulic unit: 1piece
Pallets feeder: 1piece
Blocks conveyor: 1piece
Color feeder system: 1piece
Spare parts: 1piece

Conveyor belt: 8 meter
Manual cart: 2 sets
Stacker: 1 set
Mold: 400*200*200mm; 400*125*200mm; 400*100*200mm

Why choose this ABM-3S semi automatic cement block machine

This equipment is controlled by manual automatic and fully automatic computer systems. On the basis of the original type equipment, a frequency converter is added. The PLC control system is imported from Japan, and the Japanese technology is used to complete the previous equipment in the automatic control program. The adjustment of the device makes the stability of the equipment program perfect. At the same time, on the premise of ensuring the stability of the cement block making equipment, through continuous improvement, the vibration force and frequency of the equipment increase, combined with the unique hydraulic and auxiliary systems, the density and strength of the products produced using the equipment are greatly improved, making up for There is not enough pressure on the burn-free bricks currently on the market.
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