ABM-4S Hollow Block Maker Machine Was Going To Philippines

Congratulations ABM-4S hollow block machine was ready to Philippines! Now, let’s learn more about this machine.

nameplate of hollow block machine
pallet of hollow block machine
ABM-4S hollow block machine Philippines
ABM-4S hollow block machine

Why Aimix ABM-4S is popular

1. Compared to ABM-3S and ABM-4SE, it is more efficient. More bricks can be produced in the same time, and samely, its volume is not as large as ABM-12S. So it is ideal for home use or a small brick factory.
2. This brick machine can produce bricks of various shapes, such as hollow bricks, solid bricks, standard bricks, lawn bricks, pavement bricks, which can fully meet your needs.
3. We have professional engineers to evaluate and plan your project, which can save you money and space.
4. If you buy our hollow brick machine, we will help you install and debug it, and we will train your operator until he can produce qualified bricks on his own.
5. We have a complete after-sales service team. Can solve the problems encountered by the brick machine in use for you in time.

ABM-4S block machine
ABM-4S hollow block machine Philippines
ABM-4S hollow block machine
hollow block maker machine Philippines

ABM-4S parameters

When buying such heavy machinery, the most important thing is to see the parameters clearly. Through the parameters you can know which model can meet your production needs. So as not to buy a brick machine that does not reach your production requirements or cause unnecessary economic waste.

Brick Size(L*W*H) Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 18-23s 2504-3200
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 18-23s 1565-2000
hollow bricks 390*190*190 15-20s 720-960

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