Regular Cleaning of Brick Making Machine

When the clients purchase the brick making machine, the salesperson will give some suggestions about the maintenance and cleaning. Aimix Group, a professional brick making machine manufacturer and supplier, offers many modes and types of brick making machine. The main materials of the machine mainly include slag, fly ash, limestone, cement and so forth. After mixing the materials, the materials were sent into the distributor and fed into the mold box compulsorily. The high pressure from the hydraulic system enables the bricks to be compact and strong. The machine made in Aimix has the features of high performance and environmental protection, which is the hot production on the market.

All of the machines need to be cleaned and maintained after long-term using, because it is easy to accumulate dust both on the outside and inside. The regular cleaning ensures the smooth running of the machine. Then, we Aimix would like to teach the clients to clean the components correctly.

regular cleaning of brick making machine
regular cleaning of brick making machine

1. Manual cleaning. First, remove the components from the machine, and put them into the diesel, kerosene or other washer fluid. Then, clean them with gauze or hairbrush. Manual cleaning is very suitable for the small components, and it has the advantage of easy operation.

2. Spray washing. Some parts of concrete brick making machine have complex structure, so that it is difficult to clean clearly by the manual cleaning. For the spray washing, washer fluid was sprayed under a certain pressure and temperature, and it is easy to clean the components thoroughly.

3. Boiling cleaning. The operators should put the components into the washer fluid or prepared solutions. Then heat them to 90 degrees, and boil them for 3 to 5 minutes.

4. Wash with the professional equipment. There are two common approaches to clean clean the components: ultrasound waves and shock waves. In order to have a thorough clean, the operator should select the suitable washer fluid according to the different oil and dust.

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