Automatic Machine Leading to Simple Operation

Nowadays, the fully and semi automatic brick making machine are the main types of the brick making machine, and both of them are very popular with the clients. For fully automatic brick making machine, the programmable logic controller can control the working procedures automatically. When the semi automatic machine comes into operation, it completes the procedures with the help of manual operation. So we suggest that the clients have a clear understanding about the brick making machine before making the final decision.

With the development of the technology, the fully automatic brick making machine has easier operation and higher performance. The machine is equipped with PLC control system, and the users can control the machine by the touch screen. Meanwhile, the self-diagnosis and the long-distance monitoring function ensure the easy operation. Moreover, the machine can check the density of the bricks and adjust the feeding ratio.

automatic machine leading to simple operation
automatic machine leading to simple operation

During operation, the computer controls the braking and vibration, and it reduce the energy consumption for vibration. The machine has the features of low-frequency feeding, high-frequency vibration, and the simultaneous vibration of mold and press head make the material liquefied soon. So that the bricks made by the machines have high density and strength. The fully automatic concrete block making machine has high working efficiency and large output, which is the preference of the big investors.

The semi automatic machine is so economical and practical that it is very popular on the market. With the help of manual operation, the block molding machine will complete the project fluently. What the most important advantage is that the machine has acceptable price. Therefore, many customers take the machine into consideration. The machine is an ideal choice for the medium and small-sized projects.

No matter what kind of brick making machine the clients choose, we advise that they select the most suitable machine according to the actual requirements.

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