Notice For Using Brick Making Machine

In order to ensure safe operation and smooth running, there are several notes provided for the operators. When in doubt, please feel free to contact us.

1. Before operating the brick making machine, it is necessary for the operators to know the features and performance details. Never operate the machine without understanding the operation rules. If not, it is easy to hurt the operators and machines.

2. When the users check the machine, please cut off the electric power and keep others away from the machines.

3. Whenever the operators finish working, please cut off the electric power and turn off the electric switch.

4. When the hard aggregates are needed, the operators had better choose the aggregates with small specification. Meanwhile, don’t mix the foreign bodies into the raw materials, particularly the hard materials. In this way, the mold will not be damaged when molding blocks.

notice for using brick brick machine
notice for using brick brick machine

5. During operation, if there are no enough mixed materials in the mold, never make the head press go downward. Otherwise, the synchronous architectures of the press head will be damaged, which will lead to malfunction of the block molding machine.

6. Normally, the machine has a certain molding period. If the machine has long molding period, or the press head doesn’t go downward, the users should check whether the machine has the moderate amounts of material in mold box.

7. In hot conditions, the operators must turn on the condenser during operation. If not, the oil and the parts of the machine will go hot, which will do harm to the machine.

8. The materials in the feeding equipment should be limited. If there are too many materials in the box, the materials will fall down and be wasted. On the contrary, there will be less materials in the mold box, which will result in the frequent feeding of materials.

9. The good maintenance is helpful to prolong the service life of the machine. So we suggest that the machines should be maintained regularly. For example, the operators should lubricate all the lubrication parts before operation and clean the machine after work.

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