Three Sets Of Small Brick Machines Exported To Botswana

Congratulations three sets of small brick machines were exported to Botswana, they are 4-40 and 4-35. It means the 4-40 small brick machine can produce 4 pieces of blocks per 40 seconds, and the 4-35 small brick making machine can produce 4 pieces of blocks per 35 seconds. They belong to small capacity brick making machine. And they are equipped with JW series concrete pan mixer.
export three sets of small brick machines to Botswana

forklift and concrete pan mixer and pallets
parts of small brick machine
wheels of forklift
small brick machine to Botswana

Characteristics of small brick making machine

1. This type of small non-burning brick machine has characteristics of simple structure, small footprint, stable and reliable performance, and convenient maintenance;
2. Manual operation and control are simple and easy for workers to get started;
3. One machine is multi-purpose and low energy consumption;

shipment of small bricks machine to Botswana
deliver small brick machine to Botswana
shipment of small brick machine

4. The mold is easy to replace. By changing the mold, it can produce blocks of various specifications such as 240, 140, 115, standard bricks and curbstones, and various special-shaped molds can be customized according to user requirements;
5. Automatic board feeding, automatic Connect bricks, and force cloth to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity. It can also be produced using a simple pick-up board device and cloth device;
6. The indenter can move longitudinally, which is convenient for feeding, maintenance, and washing. At the same time, the falling distance of the indenter is small, only 20mm. On the one hand, the gap between the presser foot and the box and core is small, and the block has no big burrs; 7. This non-fired brick-making machine is widely used: slag, sand, crushed stone, aluminum red slag, electrolytic copper slag, coal gangue, construction waste, fly ash, volcanic slag, and other raw materials. The raw materials are abundant and can be seen everywhere. Investment in building factories, which is extremely convenient.
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