Aimix QT 8-15 Hollow Brick Making Machine Production Line was Sent To Dominica

On April 17th, 2018, we exported hollow brick making machine production line to Dominica. The clients have rich experience in managing brick factory, and he would like to get an automatic block machines to improve working efficiency.

On the recommendation of his friend, he decided to purchase the machines from China. He also believed that he would get affordable machines with high performance. Before he got touch with our salesman, he acquired more information about Aimix Group. The strength of Aimix surprised him a lot, and he would like to get more details about Aimix block machines.

There are many types of block machines for sale in Aimix Group, including stationary type, mobile type, automatic type and so on. According to the output of the machines, he choose QT8-15 block manufacturing machines. Meanwhile, he purchased the dosing machine, cement silo, cement mixer and other machines from Aimix Group. After finishing manufacturing of the machine, we sent all of the machines to our clients soon.

Aimix QT 8-15
Aimix QT 8-15
Aimix QT8-15 sent to Dominica
Aimix QT8-15 sent to Dominica
concrete mixer sent to Dominica
concrete mixer sent to Dominica

Aimix QT8-15 block machines have reasonable design and long working life, and it is one of the most popular models in our company. If you are interested in Aimix block machines, you can feel free to contact us.

QT8-15 Product Specification (mm) Block number/pallet Forming cycle Block output/8 hrs
Hollow brick 390*190*190 mm 8 12-15 s 15360 – 19200
Perforated block 240*115*90 mm 12 12-15 s 34560 – 43200
Standard brick 240*115*53 mm 42 12-15 s 80640 – 100800
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